Benefits of Membership

Time and time again, special interest groups seeking personal gain force legislative compromise because they believe there is not enough support for their issue. It is time for Ambulance Districts, the single largest group of ambulance service providers in Missouri, to get more involved to insure that the critical needs of EMS are met.

ADAM serves as your Legislative Watchdog - Each year, between the House of Representatives and the Senate, nearly 2,000 bills are introduced. At best, only a few hundred make it through to become law. Your Ambulance District needs someone watching out for it. Do you have time to undertake this task?

ADAM actively lobbies in the Missouri House and Senate, speaking on behalf of all member Ambulance Districts. To effectively discuss the pros and cons of proposed legislation, it takes a full-time effort to meet with legislators.

It means someone sitting in the hearing rooms listening to bills that affect EMS. This service has helped your District in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Wouldn’t you like to provide direction to the association that directs actions that will affect your service?

Here is brief summary of the benefits that membership in ADAM will provide your District:

• Representation at the State Capitol

• Our lobbyist will insure that the Ambulance District perspective is well-represented

• Access to the Association’s legal counsel

• Access to a statewide network of Representatives and Senators

• Shared costs of lobbyist representation

• Sharing information, thoughts and best practices with other Districts that have similar goals and objectives

• Access to the “Members Only” section of our website, which includes information that could save your District thousands of dollars

• Participation in our “Member Forum,” where peers are free to ask questions, share valuable information, and discuss such topics as training, employment best practices, management best practices and others

Membership in ADAM will provide your Ambulance District with representation at the State Capitol by The McCarthy Group LLC, a lobbyist firm based in Chesterfield. Under the direction of former State Senator and President Pro-Tem Tom McCarthy, our lobbyist insures that the Ambulance District perspective is represented. Your membership gains you access to the association’s legal counsel, Frank Foster - one of the most qualified and knowledgeable individuals in the state on the subject of Emergency Medical Systems.

Hiring a lobbyist firm to represent your District could cost you thousands of dollars per year, yet you would still have access only to Representatives and Senators from your area. With membership in ADAM, you gain access to a statewide network of Representatives and Senators, while sharing the costs of the lobbyist firm. Sharing information and thoughts with other Districts that have similar goals and objectives is an important benefit of membership in ADAM. Issues such as billing and reimbursement, grant and funding alternatives, and taxing strategies are just some of the areas in which Ambulance Districts share unique situations.